A qualification defines the training and testing requirements for authorized delivery services and support for HPE products and solutions. Qualifications align to HPE service partner programs. Each employee must hold the qualification for a product group or solution to be eligible to deliver service and support.

How to pursue qualifications:

Qualifications are for HPE channel service partners, HPE authorized self maintainers, subcontractors and CSSPs. You begin in The Learning Center.

Your first steps:

  • Obtain access to the Partner Ready Portal.
  • Associate your company HPE location ID with your HPE Learner ID.

To learn more, visit "Get started - for partners"

How are qualifications different than certifications?

Qualifications are specifically for HPE authorized service partners. They qualify HPE service partners to support commercial and some enterprise products, including warranty repair. The details of this support and the products covered are specified in your partner authorization agreement. Qualifications must be achieved before your perform eligible support services.

Certifications are awarded by the HPE Certification and Learning Program to recognize proven expertise on HPE technologies and solutions. Certifications are open to all individuals. The level of certification awarded is dependent upon your technical skills and sales competencies. Certifications are a requirement for many qualifications. A qualification may require you to obtain a certification, or possibly, obtain a certification plus additional testing or training.