Technology focused courses

Technology focused courses are available to everyone and are divided into four different skill levels:


These courses are typically focused on the design implementation and administration aspects of highly complex technology solutions, including multivendor solutions. The courses are characterized by extensive hands on labs, proof of concept development and submission, or board reviews. Classes are often customized based on very specific customer requirements.


These courses are typically focused on the design implementation and the administration aspects of complex technology solutions. The Intermediate level courses are generally intensive classes or workshops with extensive hands on lab requirements. The courses are intended for more experienced IT personnel.


These courses are typically focused on the foundation of design, implementation, and administration for specific technologies. Foundational level courses generally include overview or introductory product specific curriculum. The courses are for front line IT personnel. The courses are also for experienced IT personnel who want information about new subject matter.


These courses are typically introductory level. Entry level courses provide technology orientation and skills development at a basic skills level.

Sales focused courses

Sales focused courses are for HPE Partners and HPE employees. They are focused on sales methodology, key differentiators and customer benefits for specific products, solutions, and technologies.