SHI International Corp. - Success Story

Sales enablement program powers strategic growth of HPE Partner

SHI aimed to increase its business value to customers by shifting emphasis from transactional product sales to outcomes-based solution sales.

"I like to have my engineers go through both the sales and the technical trainings. When they know our marketing strategy, the solution architects can more effectively help sales reps understand the engineering side of the equation. It’s all about having a more-qualified conversation with the customer, making sure we understand everything HPE has to offer and that we all speak the same language."

Tim Henning,
Director of Hardware and Advanced Solutions,
SHI International Corp.

Master Accredited Solutions Experts (Master ASE) hold our most advanced technical certification. HPE Master ASEs (and HP Master ASEs) are recognized for their technical prowess and business acumen, which enables them to solve tough customer challenges using the latest HPE innovations. Find out more about HPE Master ASE certifications.