Kit Somal - Success Story

Kit Somal:
HPE Master ASE – Storage Solutions Architect
HPE ASE – Server Solutions Architect
MBA (Rutgers University), Masters in Commerce (India)

IT solutions provider to healthcare, financial, accounting, legal, and insurance


  • Develop well rounded skillset across software and hardware
  • Keep up with rapidly changing technology
  • Build confidence to lead with innovative IT solutions

Professional rewards:

  • Advanced career to the highest levels
  • Continually wins new business
  • Gained reputation as expert and leader in IT

"Going through the process of achieving my Master Storage ASE certification has shown me how IT aligns to my customers’ business needs. This is not about selling a product; this is about selling a solution. I listen to their problems and align their IT strategy to their business needs, within their budgetary constraints. It is about understanding their objectives and architecting and designing a solution that provides real value for my customers."

Kit Somal, HPE Master ASE

Master Accredited Solutions Experts (Master ASE) achieved our most advanced technical certification. HPE Master ASEs (and HP Master ASEs) are recognized for their technical prowess and business acumen. This enables them to use the latest HPE innovations to solve tough customer challenges . Find out more about HPE Master ASE certifications.