Intensity Global - Success Story

Intensity Global

At a glance:

  • As a transactional provider, business growth was stifled
  • A decision was made to develop the skills of employees through HPE training and certifications to tap into their potential for growth


  • Transformed into a top class end-to-end solutions provider
  • Greater confidence and trust from clients, resulting in outstanding year on year growth

"With the HPE Partner Ready Certification, our staff see themselves learning, growing and contributing to our business. That sense of purpose drives satisfaction and is a win-win model for all."

Aditya Narain Kakkar, Director

Master Accredited Solutions Experts (Master ASE) achieved our most advanced technical certification. HPE Master ASEs (and HP Master ASEs) are recognized for their technical prowess and business acumen. This enables them to use the latest HPE innovations to solve tough customer challenges . Find out more about HPE Master ASE certifications.