Infotheek Group - Success Story

Sales enablement program drives new business through broad cross-portfolio sales knowledge and skills.

HPE Platinum Partner increases sales, profitability through participation in HPE QuickStart Onboarding program. Results include doubling of sales volume, revenue, and margins within three months by Infotheek sales reps.

"I’m more confident. Before, I spoke mainly with IT folks. Now, I can talk with a company director about TCO and ROI. I’m not just selling enterprise equipment; I can help them build and improve their infrastructure."

Arjan Kats,
Sales Representative,
Infotheek Group

HPE QuickStart Onboarding Program is a 12 week program designed to give HPE inside sales reps and HPE Partner sales reps the HPE solution and selling skills they need to have more successful conversations with their customers. For more information visit My Learning - Partner Sales Onboarding U.