Recertification is the process of certification renewal. As an IT professional, it is critical that you keep your certifications current. Customers want assurance that they are working with partners who have the most up to date knowledge and skills. Additionally, your employer may rely on your certification to maintain their HPE partner program status. Recertification ensures that the investments you made in your skills and your HPE certification achievements are protected.

65% of certified learners saw a positive impact on their professional image/reputation

of certified learners saw a positive impact on their professional image/reputation1.

How to recertify

When you upgrade to the newest version of a certification that you currently have, you register for and pass the appropriate HPE Certification and Learning certification exam(s) stipulated by the new certification. You may not need to upgrade all of your current certifications.

We recognize the investment you already made when you developed your skillset and achieved your HPE certification. When appropriate for the technology and skillset, we offer upgrade paths so that you can move between certification versions quicker. Upgrade paths focus on the critical changes within the competencies you already have. These changes may warrant a revalidation of your skills. Visit "View all certifications" and select "Upgrade paths only" from the menu on the left side of the page to determine whether your current certification has an upgrade path to a newer certification.

Upgrade paths are not offered for all certifications. If an upgrade path is not available, and you need a newer certification, follow the new candidate path for the new certification. Upgrade paths are limited time offers and have an inactive or end date. If you fail to achieve the upgrade path requirements by the end date, you need to complete the entire exam process for the new certification as a new candidate.

Expiration of certifications

HPE reviews all certifications annually. Certifications that include outdated skills or technology, retired products, or certifications that are no longer applicable to HPE partner programs are expired. The length of time a certification is active may vary depending upon technology and solution requirements.

If you have a certification that is designated to expire, and you do not hold any other subsequent non expiring certification within the same technology portfolio, you receive an expiration notice. This notice is sent in advance of the actual certification expiration date. The expiration notice directs you to My Learning where we provide a recommended current certification to achieve.

Failure to obtain a new certification by the expiration date could result in the loss of program benefits if you do not hold any other non expired certifications at the same level.

Recommended recertification timeframes

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. We recommend that you take advantage of new versions of certifications and upgrade paths to keep your validated skillsets up to date and competitive. Certifications are reviewed yearly for technology and competency changes and HPE partner programs refresh the program criteria on an annual basis.

Certification type Recertification required by
All career certifications (ATP, ASE, MASE, Product Certified and Aruba) accepted in HPE partner programs Deadline stipulated by HPE partner program criteria on a yearly basis
All career certifications (ATP, ASE, MASE, Product Certified and Aruba) not accepted in any HPE partner programs Inactive or end date of your upgrade path opportunity
All partner restricted certifications (Sales Certified) Deadline stipulated by HPE partner program criteria on a yearly basis

Next steps

  • Visit the My Learning portal and view the certifications you have achieved under "Training History".
  • Consult your HPE partner program guide to learn which certification versions are currently accepted in the program.
  • To determine whether your certifications have upgrade paths available, go to "View all certifications" and select "Upgrade paths only". If no upgrade path is offered, find the most current and active certification under "View all certifications".
  • To prepare for your upgrade exam, complete the recommended training course. Find the course schedule and locations in the HPE Certification and Learning training calendar. HPE Press provides self study guides.
  • Register for the certification exam at Pearson VUE's online exam registration.