Exam ID HPE6-A66
Exam type Proctored
Exam duration 1 hour 30 minutes
Exam length 60 questions
Passing score 67%
Delivery languages Latin American Spanish, Japanese, English
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Exam description

This exam validates you have a fundamental knowledge of an Aruba network design and know the Aruba product lines to help you design the network with the assistance of a senior designer. Candidate should know how to read a customer request and extract the information needed for a wired or wireless network. Candidate should know how to use VRF and IRIS. 

Ideal candidate for this exam

Candidates are IT Associates with minimal Aruba Networking knowledge. It is suggested all candidates take the course for this exam.

Exam contents

This exam has 60 questions. Here are types of questions to expect:
  • Multiple choice (multiple responses), scenario based
  • Multiple choice (single response), scenario based
  • Multiple choice (multiple responses)
  • Multiple choice (single response)

Advice to help you take this exam

  • Complete the training and review all course materials and documents before you take the exam.
  • Use HPE Press study guides and additional reference materials; study guides, practice tests, and HPE books.
  • Exam items are based on expected knowledge acquired from job experience, an expected level of industry standard knowledge, or other prerequisites (events, supplemental materials, etc.).
  • Successful completion of the course or study materials alone, does not ensure you will pass the exam.


This exam validates that you can:
Gather and analyze data, and document customer requirements
  • Given an outline of a customer's needs for a simple campus environment determine the information required to create a solution
Evaluate the requirements, and select the appropriate Aruba solution for the design
  • Given a scenario, evaluate the customer requirements for a simple campus environment identify gaps per a gap analysis, and select components based on the analysis results.
  • Given a scenario, translate the business needs of a simple campus environment into technical customer requirements.
Plan and design an Aruba solution per customer requirements
  • Given a scenario, select the appropriate products based on the customer's technical requirements for a simple campus environment
  • Given the customer requirements for a single-site campus environment design the high-level Aruba solution
  • Given a customer scenario, explain how a specific technology or solution would meet the customer's requirements
Produce a detailed design specification document.
  • Given a customer scenario for a simple campus environment, choose the appropriate components that should be included in the BOM.
  • Given the customer requirements for a simple site environment determine the component details and document the high-level design.
  • Given a customer scenario of a simple site environment, design and document the logical and physical network solutions.
  • Given the customer scenario and service level agreements, document the licensing and maintenance requirements.
Recommend the solution to the customer. 
  • Given the customer's requirements, explain and justify the recommended solution.

Sample questions

Sample questions are provided only as examples of question style, format and complexity/difficulty. They do not represent all question types and do not reflect all topic areas. These sample questions do not represent a practice test.

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