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VILT - Virtual Instructor Led, 3 days
ILT - Instructor Led, 3 days
Skill level Foundational
Delivery languages English
Lab required Yes
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Course description

This hands-on course prepares you with the knowledge and experience required to install and use the AirWave Wireless Management Suite: AirWave Management Platform (AMP), RAPIDS, Visual RF, network health diagnostics, client troubleshooting, alerts and reporting. In this course, you learn about AirWave’s capabilities in troubleshooting network health and client status via the various stages of association and authentication, as well as redundancy and master consoles for large networks. 

Ideal candidate for this course

Ideal candidates are Network Administrators who monitor and troubleshoot wireless networks, and Network and System Administrators responsible for installing and configuring network monitoring systems.


  • Introduction to AWMS
      • Airwave Platform
      • Features and Benefits of AMP RAPIDS and Visual RF
      • Airwave products
      • Basic operations using AWMS
  • Installing AWMS
      • Installing AMP
      • Hardware requirements
      • Cent OS and AWMS software
      • Basic configuration steps
      • Upgrade AWMS software
      • Licensing AWMS
      • AWMS documentation
  • Adding Device to AWMS
      • Folders and Groups
      • Adding devices general process
      • Manually adding devices
      • Device discovery and managing device discovery
      • Moving a device to a folder
      • Troubleshooting
  • IAP Organizaion and Groups
    • Overview of IAP
    • Airwave integration
    • Golden configuration
    • IAP Organization options
    • IAP Whitelist
  • Using Visual RF and Visual RF Plan
      • Navigation
      • Setup
      • Heat-maps and location information
      • Import floorplan graphics
      • Plan deployments
      • Provision APs
      • Manage Visual RF performance
  • Network Health
      • Diagnostics page indicators
      • Network performance tabs
      • Source of issues
      • Network issues
  • Troubleshooting Clients and Wireless Networks
      • Searching for users and Diagnostics tab
      • Client issues
      • Network issues
      • AP issues
      • Switch/Controller issues
      • General Issues
  • Rogue Detection and Using RAPIDS
      • Why use RAPIDS
      • Threat Detection Methods
      • Rules
      • Classifications
      • IDS Events Report
      • New Rogue Devices Report
      • Visualization
      • PCI Compliance
      • WMS Offload
  • Managing Administrative Access, Alerts, Triggers and Reporting
      • Configure role-based administrative use access to the AMP system
      • Triggers
      • Alerts
      • Define and generate reports
  • Scalability and Redundancy
      • VM Redundancy
      • Failover for Redundancy
      • Master Console for large deployments
      • Multiple AMP Server deployments
      • Large Deployment example
  • System Administration
      • AMP Maintenance
      • Device Maintenance
  • Wired Device Management
      • Monitoring wired devices in AWMS
      • Wired device port and interface information
      • Wired device bandwith statistics and counters
      • Managing and configuring wired devices via AWMS templates
  • AirWave Aruba Groups
      • How AWMS configures devices
      • Using groups to control policies
      • Creating and controlling groups
      • Basic Group Design
      • Configuration Audits
  • IAP Template Configuration
      • Fetching a Template
      • Template Variables
      • Templates Configuration
  • IAP GUI Configuration
      • Golden configuration
      • GUI mode
      • GUI configuration


After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to:
  • Install AWMS 8.2.7
  • Demonstrate adding devices on the network to the Airwave Management Server
  • Understand Visual RF heatmaps and location information
  • Demonstrate how to troubleshoot wireless network issues using Airwave
  • Understand how to use RAPIDS to identify and locate rogues
  • Demonstrate how to manage and administer an Airwave Management Suite and configure Devices using AWMS

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