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ILT - Instructor Led, 3 days
VILT - Virtual Instructor Led, 3 days
Skill level Intermediate
Delivery languages English
Lab required Yes
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Course description

This course teaches you about the Meridian Bluetooth beacons as well as the Analytics and Location Engine (ALE) platform. Participants learn in-depth technical features and have an opportunity to tackle hands-on labs in this 3 day instructor-led course. This course teaches participants about topics such as Meridian Appmaker and SDK, maps and app content creation. Students are provided with a technical overview of beacon deployment and troubleshooting, with hands-on labs. In this course, participants learn about the ALE platform and integration with Third-party analytics providers. The course covers ClearPass integration with Aruba Location Services and Meridian powered Applications.

Ideal candidate for this course

This course is designed for individuals responsible for the design and creation of a Meridian powered App and deployment of a Beacon infrastructure. Additionally, it is also beneficial for individuals evaluating the ALE product and integration with Third Party Analytics.


  • Meridian AppMaker, BLE, and ALE Introduction
    • Aruba Location Services and Meridian Product line
    • Key Features of the Meridian Platform
    • ALE and Analytics
    • Deployment models/ Customer Use cases
    • Licensing
    • AppMaker vs SDK App
    • Downloading/Navigating an App
  • Maps and Placemarks
    • App Creation Process
    • Building an App
    • Maps
    • Placemarks
    • Routes
    • Downloading App Viewer
    • Viewing App in App Viewer
    • Self-guided Wayfinding in an App
  • Pages and Events
    • Creating Pages in AppMaker
    • Types of Pages
    • Creating Lists
    • Events
    • App Theme
    • Language Localization
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon Positioning and Notification
    • Basics 

    • Beacon Location vs Proximity 
    • Beacons App
    • Deploying Beacons
    • Beacons in Meridian Editor
    • Beacons Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Campaigns and Notifications
    • Deploying a Proximity Beacon
    • Creating Campaigns
    • Associating a Beacon to a campaign
    • Testing and resetting campaigns
  • Beacon Deployment and Installation
    • RF Design review
    • Beacon Deployment Models
    • Antenna Patterns
    • Beacon Installation
  • Remote Beacon Management
    • Product Options
    • Architecture
    • Supported Controllers/AP models
    • Battery Powered vs USB beacons
    • Configuration and Features
    • Deploying an Aruba Sensor
  • Operations and maintenance
    • Beacons walk-through mode
    • Beacons Maintenance 
    • Replacing Beacons
    • Deleting Beacons
    • Moving Beacons
    • Updating Apps in the App Store
    • License Renewals
    • Reports
  • ALE and Analytics
    • Why analytics
    • ALE architecture
    • ALE interface
    • Third party analytics
    • ALE scaling and licensing
  • Integration with ClearPass
    • Integration components
    • ClearPass integration
    • OAuth2
    • Configure ClearPass for OAuth2/Meridian


After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to:
  • Understand Aruba location services, BLE, and ALE
  • Demonstrate creating an App with Maps, Placemarks, Pages and Events
  • Identify BLE Beacon Positioning and Notification
  • Understand Campaigns and Notifications
  • Demonstrate Beacon Management and Operations
  • Troubleshooting Beacon deployments and campaigns
  • Integrate ClearPass with Aruba location Services. 

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