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Course ID 01058584
HPE product number H0LJ5
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ILT - Instructor Led, 4 days
VILT - Virtual Instructor Led, 4 days
Skill level Advanced
Delivery languages English
Lab required Yes
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Course description

This advanced instructor-led course teaches you how to quickly identify and remedy symptoms that may occur in Aruba based networks. The course provides an overview of methodologies and tools for troubleshooting Aruba based networks in an AOS 6.X environment. Course labs are designed to inject problems into the learner's networks in a controlled fashion to demonstrate how various symptoms appear. Therefore, when problems are seen in a production environment, they will be more quickly identified and remedied.

This course is not a hardware troubleshooting oriented class. Rather it focuses on the commands and screens necessary to diagnose network and wireless related issues.

Ideal candidate for this course

Ideal candidates are experienced network professionals who are responsible for the provisioning and configuration maintenance of an Aruba based network.


  • Troubleshooting Philosophies
  • Overview of Troubleshooting tools
    • Debug
    • Dashboard
    • Packet Capture
    • Logs
  • AP boot issues
    • AP Boot processes
    • Tunnels
    • Redundancy
    • Licensing
  • RF Issues
    • Poor Radio Coverage
    • ARM
    • Client Match
    • Spectrum Analysis
  • IPSec
  • ARM
    • ARM Introduction
    • ARM scanning
    • ARM Indices
    • Band Steering
    • Airtime Fairness
    • Client Match Introduction
    • RF Neighborhood
    • Support Commands
    • LAB
  • Remote AP
  • Client Issues
    • 802.11 connectivity causes
    • 802.11 authentication difficulties
  • AirWave as a troubleshooting tool
    • IAP VPN Deployment
    • VPN funneling Protocol
    • Controller IAP VPN Configuration
    • IAP-VPN Configuration
    • IAP-VPN Troubleshooting
    • LAB
  • Captive Portal
    • Understanding Captive Portal
    • Troubleshooting Captive Portal
  • Infrastructure Issues
    • Why need WIPS/WIDS
    • Classification
    • Attacks
    • Rogue Detection
    • Containment
    • IDS Monitoring and Commands
    • Summarization
    • LAB
  • Master-Local Communications
  • VRRP
  • Radius and DHCP
  • Role Derivation
  • Preparing to call TAC


After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to:
  • Diagnose issues with Aruba mobile first networks
  • Issue the appropriate troubleshooting commands and actions to investigate the issues
  • Resolve the issues by taking the appropriate remediation action

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