Exam ID HPE2-W03
Exam type Web based
Exam duration 1 hour
Exam length 40 questions
Passing score 60%
Delivery languages English
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Exam description

This exam tests candidate knowledge of requirements to set-up, configure and manage a network-as-a-service offering.

Ideal candidate for this exam

The test taker should be familiar with the Aruba Central management platform and have the skills to deploy and troubleshoot cloud management devices.

Exam contents

This exam has 40 questions. Here are types of questions to expect:
  • Discrete Option Multiple Choice

Advice to help you take this exam

  • Complete the training and review all course materials and documents before you take the exam.
  • Use HPE Press study guides and additional reference materials; study guides, practice tests, and HPE books.
  • Exam items are based on expected knowledge acquired from job experience, an expected level of industry standard knowledge, or other prerequisites (events, supplemental materials, etc.).
  • Successful completion of the course or study materials alone, does not ensure you will pass the exam.
What to Expect with Discrete Option Multiple Choice (DOMC) exams:

This exam uses the DOMC question format. It is quite different than traditional multiple choice exams. It is designed to increase exam fairness, to protect exam integrity, your exam scores and your time.

How is DOMC different?

  • Instead of presenting all the answer options together at one time, DOMC questions present answer options one at a time, at random
  • When an answer option is presented, you select either Yes or No to indicate if the option is correct or not. This process repeats until the question concludes
  • You may see more than one correct option
  • You may receive as few as one option for each test question or several options
  • Once you move forward, you may not go back and change your response to a previous option

We created an HPE sample test to help you practice using this DOMC test format. During registration, you will be asked to confirm that you have completed the HPE DOMC sample test and understand how this exam will perform.

Become acquainted with DOMC:
HPE DOMC sample test

Be sure to complete the supporting resources and review all materials and documents before you take the exam.  Successful completion of the supporting resources alone does not ensure you will pass the exam.


This exam validates that you can:
Identify the Aruba Central platform and the associated device management features
Describe how to configure Aruba Instant access points and switches
Describe the deployment of Aruba Instant Access Points and switches leveraging Aruba Central
Describe how to monitor access points and switches
Describe device onboarding and assignments
Describe the use of troubleshooting commands for instant access points and switches
Describe the use of MSP Dashboard and switch between individual customer assets
Describe Visual RF setup for floorplan and device optimization