Steps to acquire a certification
Before you begin:
Step 1: Choose a certification

Be sure to select the most current certification. As certifications are updated, it is possible that both an older and newer version of the same certification may be listed.
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Step 2: Do you qualify for an upgrade path?

Check the upgrade paths to see if you have any certifications listed there. If so, you may qualify for an abbreviated path to your chosen certification.

Step 3: Register or apply for the certification

Register for the certification in The Learning Center. This will add the certification to your personal record.

Step 4: Verify or complete prerequisites

Prerequisites may include a lower level certification, or a third-party achievement.

Find out how to receive credit for third-party achievements

Step 5: Complete recommended training (optional) and pass required exams

Training is highly recommended to pass each exam. Training is not required, but it will help you develop the skills you will need to pass the exam.

Once you successfully complete the required exams, the certification will be awarded to you. You will be notified of your pass or fail status immediately after completing the exam. If you pass the exam, your transcript will be updated in The Learning Center within seven (7) business days.

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Step 6: Certification achieved

You will receive an email notification 2-5 days after successfully completing all requirements. In addition, your status in The Learning Center will change to "acquired." Track your training and certification progress through your transcripts in The Learning Center. To view your benefits and showcase your achievement, please visit the My Learning portal.

My Learning portal (Login required)

For students (ATA certifications)
Step 1: Select a certification

Select a certification or set of certifications based upon your career and educational goals. HP provides a range of certifications that supports learning throughout your career, including the beginning!

Step 2: Take the course

Certiport authorized testing centers around the world provide training for HP ATA certifications. Although not required, training helps you develop the skills to pass the exam. To find a participating course provider, click the link below and use the Certiport Test Center locator.

For help locating a course provider in your area, contact Certiport at:

  • (888) 999-9830 option 9
  • (801) 847-3100 option 9 (Outside of the United States)

Mon - Fri: 6 am - 7 pm (U.S. Mountain Time). Hours subject to change.

Step 3: Prepare for the exam

In addition to the course, HPE and Certiport provide resources to help you prepare for an exam. Exam Preparation Guides (EPGs) contain an overview of each exam's content. EPGs may be found on the certification requirements web page listed above. MeasureUp practice tests provide comprehensive tips to help you pass such exam-like questions as matching the exam objectives, answers with detailed explanations & references, and a personal study mode, score report and certification mode--with bookmarking. These practice tests also provide a Test-Pass Guarantee.

Step 4: Pass the exam

You may take the exam at any participating Certiport authorized testing center. You will find out at the test center whether you passed the exam. After you pass an HPE exam, you will receive a confirmation email within two weeks and your transcript in the HPE Learning Center portal will be updated.

Welcome to the HPE certified professional community

Upon successful completion of all of the exam requirements, your certification will be issued. Your status in the Certiport and HPE portals will change to "certified." Within 5 business days, you will receive an email with your HPE Learner ID and portal login information. You will then be a member of the HPE certified community of IT professionals and have access to HPE Certification and Learning program benefits.

You may access certification benefits from the My Learning portal. You may download and print your certificate from either the Certiport Portal or the My Learning portal. In addition, the HPE Learning Center provides access to deeper and ongoing learning activities. For example, every time HPE releases new products, self-paced training is provided on The Learning Center.

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