Verify you have the knowledge. Become a trusted advisor to your customers. Help them identify opportunities in today's constantly changing business and technology.

Partner Restricted - Sales certifications for Enterprise and SMB

These certifications verify your opportunity identification and selling skills for HPE solutions and services. They also validate your knowledge of HPE IT Transformation areas. Certifications are available for Enterprise, or Small and Medium Business (SMB).

Partner Restricted - Software

Software has distinct technologies to choose from. Each has a unique focus and selling strategy. Software certifications offer you great tools and training that enable you to sell the right software to your customer base.

Data Center and Cloud

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HP Sales Certified - Automation and Cloud Management Solutions [2014] Active Register

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Learning resources that were developed before the Hewlett-Packard Company separation might contain some content and brand elements that have not been updated for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Learning resources with the highest usage are updated.