HPE Partner restricted certifications are exclusively for HPE channel partners. (This includes OEMs and Service Partners.) These certifications are designed to validate skills required to meet HPE partner program requirements.

  • Sales certifications
    • HPE Advanced Sales Certified (ASC) or HP Advanced Sales Certified
    • HPE Sales Certified (SC) or HP Sales Certified
  • Technical certifications
    • HPE Technical Certified I (TECI) or HP Technical Certified I
    • HPE Technical Certified II (TECII) or HP Technical Certified II
  • Support certifications
    • HPE Support Certified or HP Support Certified
    • APS
Valuable and relevant learning resources developed before the Hewlett-Packard Company separation might contain some content and brand elements that have not been updated for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Learning resources with the highest usage will be updated.