Candidate agreement

HPE Certification candidates should read and understand the HPE Certification and Learning Candidate Agreement. This agreement is presented to you at the time of your exam. If you do not accept the terms and conditions within the agreement, you will not be able to proceed with the exam and the cost of the exam will not be reimbursed.

Exam security policy

HPE certification content - including questions, answers and diagrams -- are proprietary, confidential and copyrighted HPE materials. Any disclosure of the contents of any HPE certification examinations is strictly prohibited. Websites that claim to provide HPE certification exam sample questions are likely fraudulent. -- designed to lure candidates into an online purchase with potential legal consequences. Obtaining or purchasing a copy of an HPE certification exam or any questions within an HPE certification exam is considered a form of cheating. Authorized HPE Exam Preparation Guides are available for no charge on this website.

The value of HPE certifications is taken seriously by those who have invested the time and effort into achieving them. If you suspect or are aware of a breach in exam security or wish to check the validity of online study materials, please contact exam security.

Exam voucher terms and conditions

Exam vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, and cannot be returned, exchanged or sold to others. Expired vouchers cannot be reactivated, extended or redeemed for other vouchers.

Exam retake policy

If you fail an exam, you may retake the exam. NOTE: The fee for a retake exam is the same as for an original exam. The wait period varies based on the exam type.

Proctored exams (HPE0-xxx or HP0-xxx) and Performance-based exams (HPE0-xxxP or HP0-xxxP)

WAIT: 14 days, if the previous 2 attempts were within 14 days

Web-based exams (HPE2-xxx, HP2-xxx or HPE3-xxx, HP3-xxx) and
Upgrade exams (HPE5-xxxD or HP5-xxxD)

WAIT: 7 days, if the previous 2 attempts were within 7 days

Academic certification exams (HP4-xxx)

In the event you fail your first attempt to pass an HP Institute Certification examination, you may retake the exam. NOTE: The fee for a retake exam is the same as for an original exam.


  • Second attempt: Minimum one (1) calendar day from the date of the first attempt.
  • Third or subsequent attempts: Minimum five (5) calendar days from the date of the last attempt.

For candidates who have passed an exam, that exam cannot be retaken.

Valuable and relevant learning resources developed before the Hewlett-Packard Company separation might contain some content and brand elements that have not been updated for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Learning resources with the highest usage will be updated.