Exam ID HP0-M40
Exam type Proctored exam taken at dedicated testing center
Exam duration 1 hour 45 minutes
Exam length 67 questions
Passing score 73%
Delivery languages English, Simplified Chinese
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Exam description

This exam tests your skills on HP Network Automation software features, adding devices to HP Network Automation, device access methods in HP Network Automation, scripting and templates, deploying software and Telnet/SSH Proxy, managing policies, managing reports, fundamental troubleshooting in HP Network Automation, installation and planning, authorizing user access, HP Network Automation workflows, HP Network Automation APIs, managing server health in HP Network Automation, administration, managing device groups and tasks.

Who should take this exam?

The exam is for technical personnel who demo, perform Proof of Concept, and under supervision of a senior consultant, implement and configure HP Network Automation 9.x Software and will be responsible solution daily administration, maintenance and update.
Examples of job roles include:
  • Network Engineers
  • Administrators

Exam contents

This exam has 67 questions. Here are types of questions to expect:
  • Multiple choice (single response)
  • Multiple choice (multiple responses)

Tips for taking this exam

You are not required to take the associated courses; however, HPE strongly recommends that you complete the training and thoroughly review all course materials and documents before taking the exam. Sufficient on the job experience may also be required.


This exam validates that you can successfully perform the following:

HP Network Automation Software Features

  • Describe the HP Network Automation architecture.
  • Identify and define Network Automation concepts and terminology.
  • Describe the Network Automation user interface.

Adding Devices to HP Network Automation
•Describe how to add devices and device groups.
•Describe how to import devices from a CSV file.
•Edit, view, and deploy a configuration.

Device Access Methods in HP Network Automation

  • Describe access methods.

Scripting and Templates

  • Describe the difference between simple and advanced scripts.
  • Describe the difference between a command script and diagnostic.
  • Describe the different templates.
  • Create, edit, view and execute scripts.

Deploying Software and Telnet/SSH Proxy

  • Describe, upload, and manage software images.
  • Describe SWIM - Software Image Data Collection.

Managing Policies

  • Describe the IT Compliance Life Cycle.
  • Describe Policy compliance.
  • Manage compliance policies.

Managing Reports

  • Display user and system reports.
  • Describe the use of the statistics dashboard.

Fundamental Troubleshooting in HP Network Automation

  • Troubleshoot failed tasks.
  • Review common device issues.

Installation and Planning

  • Describe installation procedures.
  • Describe disk usage.

Authorizing User Access

  • Create user accounts and user groups.
  • Describe security partitions.

HP Network Automation Workflows

  • Create, edit and run workflows.

HP Network Automation APIs

  • Describe supported HP Network Automation APIs.

Managing Server Health in HP Network Automation

  • Describe server monitoring.
  • Describe the importance of data pruning.
  • Configure and use Event Notification & Response Rules.


  • Describe, configure and manage the HP NA server administrative settings.
  • Describe device connection methods.
  • Perform administrative troubleshooting tasks.
  • Describe setting up syslog messaging.

Managing Device Groups and Tasks

  • Describe device groups and realms.
  • Identify the major task types available in HP Network Automation.

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