Exam ID HP0-D19
Exam type Board Review exams
Exam duration 1 hour
Passing score 100%
Delivery languages English
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  • There is no specific prerequisite training or certification to prepare for the Board Review exam; however, there is a high level of knowledge and skills that should be gained through experience prior to taking the Board Review exam. It is recommended a candidate has ten or more years of experience designing enterprise architectures.

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Prior to taking this exam, you must submit an application, be accepted into this certification program, and successfully pass any previously required exams.

Exam description

You will have 1 day (9.5 hrs) to prepare a solution, then 60 minutes total to present the solution to a board of experts (40 minutes to present, 20 minutes for questions from the board).  

Who should take this exam?

Technical professionals with a minimum of ten years experience in enterprise level infrastructure design. Candidates for the HP Master ASE – Data Center and Cloud Architect V1 certification. You must submit an application, be accepted into this certification program, and successfully pass the HP0-D22 exam before taking this exam.

Exam contents

Here are types of questions to expect:
  • Board Review and presentation of your solution

Tips for taking this exam

To pass the board review, you will need to successfully do the following:

  1. Discover the customer’s business and technical needs as portrayed in the given scenario.

  2. Develop and present your differentiated solution that addresses the customer’s business and technical needs using communication tools and templates available during the preparation period.

  3. Deliver an executive level presentation to a “customer” executive team/decision-maker audience and convince them your solution either meets or exceeds their stated goals and is better than the competition.

  4. You will need to think at the global enterprise level, and address financials within the technical proposal.


Design an appropriate comprehensive data center and cloud solution given a business scenario. Present that solution to a board of experts.
Day 1:  Create the Converged Infrastructure solution proposal:  Given a business scenario and supporting documents, design an appropriate solution using HP Converged Infrastructure, Data Center and Cloud strategies, technologies, and products. You will have one day, in a proctored environment, to complete this task.
Day 2: Board review presentation:  Present your solution to the board during a 60 minute time slot.
This board review validates that you can successfully perform the following:

Identify the business value of HP Converged Infrastructure

  • Identify business challenges

  • Solve identified business challenges with the HP Converged Infrastructure

  • Define the Converged Infrastructure as a strategy for IT * Identify and build credibility with your audience

  • Talk to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or equivalent 

Identify the technology foundation of the HP Converged Infrastructure

  • Given a customer scenario, identify the key requirements necessary to design a solution

  • Talk to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or equivalent 

Apply the concepts of an HP Converged Infrastructure

  • Identify appropriate use cases for Converged Infrastructure

  • Identify the financial and technical benefits of implementing an HP Converged Infrastructure

  • Utilize a TCO/ROI analysis

  • Talk to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or equivalent ‚Äč

Prepare an HP Converged Infrastructure proposal

  • Develop proposals, work plans, cost estimates and work statements to deliver and manage Converged Infrastructure solutions

  • Architect and design cost effective and competitive HP Converged Infrastructure solutions

  • Leverage HP sales resources for CxO roundtables and seminars and Converged Infrastructure campaigns

  • Define successful proof-of-concept projects and establish success criteria

  • Compare the proposed solution to the competition 

  • Identify HP Services appropriate to Converged Infrastructure 

Present the HP Converged Infrastructure proposal 

  • Present a Converged Infrastructure solution proposal that solves the customer's business requirements

  • Determine key messages for different levels of the organization 

  • Prove to the customer that they have the capabilities within the organization to fulfill the solution

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