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Course description

This course provides you an overview of the HPE Operations Intelligence and focuses on Personas and conversations. The course teaches you to identify key Operations Intelligence personas in terms of their respective roles, their critical business issues, and the responsibilities they have to their organizations and their teams. The course covers Research Resources and discovery questioning techniques to help you gain a better understanding of the challenges of the IT Executive and their environment.
This training module is part of the solution series for the BSM Sales Certification and all on demand required training. The Study Guide is attached to the recording and available for download.

Ideal candidate for this course

SW Employee and Partner Sales Professionals


For specific prerequisites and requirements to achieve any of the related certifications, see the certification description on the Certification and Learning website.


  • Review of key customer personas
  • Review of specific personas and responsibilities
  • Review of discovery questions and questioning techniques


This course prepares you to:
  • Understand key customer personas and their responsibilities to Business Service Management
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of each of the key customer personas as presented in this training
  • Understand the department level and enterprise level discovery questions to reveal Business Service Management opportunities

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