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Course format ILT,SCA
Typical Course length 2 days
Delivery languages English
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Course description

Fortify Security Solutions ATP training consists of two days of intensive training in application security and developing and testing software solutions utilizing HP Fortify Products.  The student will learn about the threats to applications and the architecture and operation of the HP Fortify solution.  Through lectures and hand-on activities the student will learn to implement HP Fortify Static Code Analyzer, HP Fortify Software Security Center, HP WebInspect and HP Fortify Runtime.

Ideal candidate for this course

Software Developers, Product Managers, Development Managers, Q/A Managers, Q/A Analysts, and Application Security Analysts.


To be successful in this course, you must have:
• Knowledge of Web and Application Development practices
• Experience Developing and or Managing Software Development


  • OpenSAMM: Building Security into Software Development
    • Apply the Software Assurance Maturity Model (SAMM) to an organization’s security infrastructure
    • Use the SAMM guidelines  to evaluate the needs of your software security practices
    • Determine the HP Enterprise Security products as they correlate to SAMM compliancy to your organization’s security practices
  • Examine Common Vulnerabilities
    • List the OWASP Top 10 Application Security Risks
    • Perform a basic Threat Model and Risk Assessment
    • Integrate security activities into a basic SDLC
  • Utilization of Fortify Products
    • Identify Fortify Products and how they satisfy the guidelines of the OpenSAMM initiative
    • Describe Reporting and Incident Analysis
    • Describe architecture and structure of Fortify Products in business security environment
    • Present overview of implementation requirements for Fortify Product Suite
  • Fortify Software Security Center
    • Tune scan results
    • Upload and download scans in SSC
    • Create projects in SSC
    • Connect to SSC from AWB
    • Generate reports to show outstanding issues & progress on security goals
    • Integrate security activities into your SDLC
  • Fortify Software Code Analyzer
    • Navigate Audit Workbench
    • Audit and suppress issues
    • Identify information on security issues
  • HPE WebInspect Introduction
    • Define operational capabilities of WebInspect
    • License and Activate WebInspect
    • Navigate the operational displays of WebInspect
  • Fortify Runtime
    • List the benefits of using Fortify Runtime
    • Describe how Fortify RunTime correlates testing


After completing this course, you should be able to describe the HP Fortify Solution including the following:
• Application Security (OWASP Top Ten)
• HP Fortify SCA
• HP Web Inspect
• HP Fortify Runtime

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