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Course description

The risk of poor quality in modern applications can sometimes mean the difference between business success and business failure. Inadequate functional, performance and security testing of applications before they are put into production can result in significant costs measured not only currency but in a company’s reputation and it's diminished brand.
The "Quality Management Solution Capabilities" module is a closer look at the challenges, capabilities, features and benefits of HPE's Quality Management Solutions for the purpose of developing and articulating a value proposition that addresses specific customer pain points such as the increasing costs of distributed performance testing.
In this module we will also address specific concerns of the persona's involved in the purchase process of Quality Management Solutions for the purpose of validating the customer need and mapping the most appropriate solution to that need.

Who should attend

SW Employees and Partners; Sales; Partners; Presales


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  • Challenges Addressed by HPE QM Solutions
  • Solution Capabilities Overview
  • HPE Quality Center Enterprise
  • HPE Performance Center
  • HPE Software Security Center
  • Qualifying Conversations
  • Value Propositions


After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:

Effectively develop and articulate the value proposition of the following HPE Quality Management Solutions:

  • HP Quality Center
  • HP Performance Center
  • HPE Software Security Center
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