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Course format ILT
Typical Course length 10 days
Delivery languages English
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Course description

This hands on intensive course teaches you how to deploy an HPE end to end IT automation and cloud management solution that will automate delivery and comprehensively manage a small to medium sized heterogeneous infrastructure, applications, and hybrid cloud services with compliance.
The Services Delivery Academy is the next step in helping you drive to successful implementations and client adoption, the Academy will go beyond the technical knowledge to help you gain experience.
Through the Academy you will be able to engage with current PS consultants who will share tips, tricks and best practices.

Who should attend

HPE Partner and Employee technical consultants concerned with the design and deployment of end to end HPE Software solutions to manage and automate cloud services.


• User level knowledge of common OS (Windows, Linux, HP-UX) and common commands and tools (Winscp, Putty)
• Good working virtualisation skills
• Knowledge of OS installation process, network card, driver
• Knowledge of Application Provisioning, Deployment, Management and Configuration
• Knowledge of packaging in the native OS format
• Knowledge of OS Provisioning and Patching
• Knowledge of Sockets, port and firewall and gateway, Windows security, antivirus
• Remote access, ftp, telnet and SSH(password-less authentication/key-exchange)
• Python and Shell scripting (In depth knowledge required for OO)
• Java and Shell/Perl scripting Regular expressions
• Web front end development (HTML, CGI, PHP, JSON)
• General knowledge of Database (Oracle, MS SQL and or My SQL), SQLPlus, Toad
• Knowledge of Web service and Web application
• Familiarity with networking concepts and network devices – subnets, IP, DHCP, firewalls should all be understood ( the individual should be able to configure them on RedHat without assistance)
• At least one year of experience with a systems automation tool. Familiar with the concepts of server automation.


  • CSA
    • 101(Functional architecture, key capabilities)
    • Management Console
    • Subscription Management
    • Subscriber Portal
    • Advanced Hands-on Labs (Service Options, Advanced Options, Resource Provider Lifecycle, Environments)
  • OO
    • Authoring Basics
    • OO Capture
    • Design options
    • Workflow building
  • SAVA
    • Architecture
    • SAVA-Specific SA Configuration Tasks
    • Patching
    • OS Provisioning
    • Virtualization


After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:
  • Deploy an HPE end to end IT automation and cloud management solution that enables delivery automation and comprehensive management of small to medium sized heterogeneous infrastructure, applications, and hybrid cloud services with compliance.

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