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Course format SCA
Typical Course length 2 days
Delivery languages English
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Course description

This course teaches how to perform PPM Center regular maintenance procedures and support tasks. Our classroom lab provides a safe training environment for students to download software, install filesystem components and database components, utilize server tools and troubleshoot problems with the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Ideal candidate for this course

This course is recommended for anyone who maintains the integrity of a PPM Center system, and installs upgrades, or performs PPM maintenance instructor.

We recommend you have already taken PPM 9.x Essentials and PPM 9.x Advanced.


  • PPM 9.x Essentials

  • PPM 9.x Advanced



  • Module 1: Course Introduction

    • Course objectives

    • Topic outline

    • Students’ responsibilities

    • Instructor’s responsibilities

    • Miscellaneous items

    • Class introductions

  • Module 2: PPM Application Architecture

    • System architecture

    • Available system configuration options

    • Authentication process

  • Module 3: Installing PPM Center

    • Hardware and software system requirements

    • Installing the PPM Center

  • Module 4: Configuring the PPM Server

    • Key server parameters

    • Server Configuration Wizard

    • Starting and stopping the server

    • Basic troubleshooting

  • Module 5: Installing the PPM Center Client

    • Client components of the PPM Workbench interface

    • Uninstalling the PPM Center Workbench components from a client machine

    • Testing and verifying install success

  • Module 6: System Maintenance

    • PPM file system structure

    • Basic maintenance routine on a PPM system

    • Types of PPM logs and procedures for purging and archiving

    • Using built-in server tools

    • Backup and failover options

  • Module 7: Maintaining Multiple Instances

    • Architecture of PPM migrators

    • Configuring a content migration process

    • Use PPM migrators to migrate configuration entities

  • Module 8: Customizing the PPM Center Standard Interface

    • Different types of PPM Standard Interface Customizations

    • Change the logo on the PPM standard interface

    • Change the color scheme on the PPM standard interface

  • Module 9: Advanced System Setup Options

    • Advanced system set up

    • Benefits of using advanced system set up


This course prepares you to:
  • Describe the PPM Center architecture, including the PPM Center data model
  • Install PPM Center from the install package
  • Configure and start the PPM server
  • Identify the database and log file maintenance procedures for keeping PPM Center running smoothly
  • Recognize the issues involved and solutions available to manage multiple PPM Center instances, including configurations migration between these instances
  • Customize the look and feel of the PPM Center interface
  • Explain the advanced system setup options available and recommend the options as needed within your organization
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