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Course format WBT
Typical Course length 10 hours
Delivery languages Brazilian Portuguese,Castilian Spanish,English,Simplified Chinese,Japanese,Korean,Russian,German
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Course description

This course provides the foundational information needed to explain, position, and differentiate the value of key HP Converged Infrastructure products targeted at enterprise businesses. Interactive content sessions describe how to link typical customer IT challenges with the right HP solutions. Completing the training course is the best way to prepare for the exam.  For further preparation, it is recommended that you download and review the HP Sales Certified Converged Infrastructure Solutions 2014 study guide.

Who should attend

HP Partners Selling Enterprise Solutions


For specific prerequisites and requirements to achieve any of the related certifications, see the certification description on the HP ExpertOne website.


  • Module 1: Segmentation
    • Five Top IT Initiatives
    • Customer Trends and Issues
    • Markey Segments, Growth Maturity Model
    • Just Right IT Maturity Model
    • Technology Services Lifecycle
    • Segment Customer
  • Module 2: EG Portfolio Overview
    • HP EG Products, Services and Solutions
    • Differentiating HP EG Products and Solutions
    • HP EG Value Differentiators
    • HP EG Value Propositions
    • Creating Value Statements
  • Module 3: Product and Solution Offerings
    • Converged Infrastructure
    • Servers
    • Storage
    • Networking
    • Technology Services
  • Module 4: Aligning with the customer buying cycle
    • Business Drivers, Issues and Initiatives
    • Customer Trends and Issues
    • Top Business and IT Initiatives
    • Decision Makers in Customers Elements of the Buying Cycle
    • Using EG Portfolio Value Propositions
    • Buying Cycles in Customers
    • Sales Engagement Types
    • Sales Engagements with Customers
    • Building the Business Case
  • Module 5: Delivering Customer Value
    • Understanding Customer Value
    • Sales Scenarios
    • Differentiating HP from the Competition
    • HP Value Differentiators
    • Objection Handling
    • Recap of Key Principles
  • Module 6: Strategy and Tactics
    • Using HP and Competitive Plays
    • Summary and Next Steps
  • Module 7: Additional Training, Resources and Sales Support
    • Welcome and Guidance
    • Learning Guide
  • Module 8: Channel Training Summary and Call to Action
    • Learning Recap
    • Call to Action and Next Steps


After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:
  • Identify and describe the key market segmentations based on the specified HP solution
  • Describe the innovations that differentiate this HP solution from competitive offering and engagement strategy
  • Develop the value proposition and differentiators
  • Build a Convergence Strategy with focus on Converge Cloud
  • Locate materials to continue your Development
Valuable and relevant learning resources developed before the Hewlett-Packard Company separation might contain some content and brand elements that have not been updated for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Learning resources with the highest usage will be updated.