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Course format ILT
Typical Course length 5 days
Skill level Expert
Delivery languages English
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Course description

This hands on courses teaches expert level concepts and best practices necessary for implementation planning, installation, configuration, security management, and system administration of the TippingPoint NGFW solution. Through interactive lectures and hands-on labs, students will learn to implement the NGFW and the Security Management System (SMS) using the standard interface modes. Students will also acquire indepth expert knowledge of how to tune and configure a TippingPoint NGFW for optimum performance on their network and learn advanced configuration management of multiple NGFW's using the Security Management System.

Who should attend

Network engineers, network administrators, network technicians, security administrators, systems engineers, system administrators, and network security strategies and planning architects.


• HP ASE - TippingPoint Security certification or equivalent hands on experience using the TippingPoint solution.
For complete prerequisites and requirements to achieve any of the related certifications or upgrade paths, see the certification description on the Certification and Learning website.


  • Introduction to NGFW Training
    • Training introduction
  • Networking review
    • Introduction to the NGFW
    • NGFW deployment
    • Security zones
    • Firewall rules
    • Application management
    • SMS Setup and Configuration
    • Device configuration and firewall policies in SMS
    • Digital Vaccine Labs and inspection profiles
    • SMS Management
    • Transparent mode
    • Network Address Translation
    • User Management
    • Digital Vaccine Toolkit
    • NGFW Quarantine and Advanced DDoS
    • Virtual Private Networking
    • SMS Responder
    • Maintenance and Performance


After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:
  • Review Basic Network Concepts
  • Describe the role of firewalls in network architecture
  • Identify HP TippingPoint NGFW Products and Solutions
  • Explore NGFW routing support options
  • Distinguish security zone types
  • Describe application management
  • Setup and configure and manage the SMS
  • Perform Advanced Profile Management
  • Describe best CLI and LSM best practices as it relates to the NGFW
  • Explain source and destination NAT concepts
  • Describe the Digital Vaccine Toolkit application
  • Summarize NGFW Quarantine operations
  • Configure the NGFW to operate in a VPN environment
  • Configure system alerts
  • Prevent service interruptions and minimize network downtime
  • Explain the TippingPoint NGFW architecture in detail
  • Diagnose and address performance issues

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