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Typical Course length 2 days
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Course description

This intensive course provides a deep dive into Vertica to learn how to diagnose and optimize query performance. This class combines lectures with hands on lab exercises performed in a live Vertica database cluster.

Ideal candidate for this course

The course is designed for experienced Vertica administrators who want a deep dive into Vertica to learn how to diagnose and optimize query performance and improve their analyzing, diagnosing, troubleshooting, tuning and optimizing skills.
This course is targeted at Vertica DBAs, who are familiar with basic operational tasks like running queries,
monitoring usage, and loading data, who want to take a further step in their career by improving their skills in
analyzing, diagnosing, troubleshooting, tuning and optimizing Vertica performance.


• Attendance at a Vertica Introduction class, or equivalent experience
• Intermediate experience running queries in Vertica Analytics Platform
• Intermediate experience with administration of Vertica Analytics Platform
For complete prerequisites and requirements to achieve any of the related certifications or upgrade paths, see the certification description on the Certification and Learning website.


After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:
  • Pinpoint longest running queries.
  • Analyze queries using system and data collector tables.
  • Manually tune projections to optimize query performance.
  • Modify settings that control resources dedicated to queries.
  • Update and monitor statistics.
  • Run Workload Analyzer and interpret output
  • Use the Database Designer (DBD) to tune query performance.

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