Course ID 00490878
HP product number HK979A1
Course format ILT,SCA
Typical Course length 2 days
Skill level Advanced
Delivery languages Brazilian Portuguese,English,Latin American Spanish
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Course description

This hands on course teaches concepts and best practices necessary for installation, configuration, security management and system administration of the TippingPoint solution. Through interactive lectures and hands on activities, students will learn to implement the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and the Security Management System (SMS).

Who should attend

Network engineers, network administrators, network technicians, security administrators, systems engineers, system administrators, and network security strategies and planning architects.


• Datacenter networking implementation and management practices
• Experience with Network Security practices
• General knowledge of network and security management tools
For complete prerequisites and requirements to achieve any of the related certifications or upgrade paths, see the certification description on the Certification and Learning website.


  • Solution Overview
    • IPS Functionality
    • HP TippingPoint Products
    • Digital Vaccine
    • TMC
    • ThreatLinQ
  • SMS Device Configuration
    • Feature Overview
    • SMS Setup / OBE
    • SMS Client
    • SMS Management
      – User Setup
      – Managing IPS devices
      – External authentication
    • Event viewer
    • SMS Reporting
  • IPS Setup and Configuration
    • IPS and SMS Initial Setup
    • Local Security Manager
    • User Setup
    • Lab Overview
  • IPS Management
    • Editing devices
    • Networking Review
    • IPS network configuration
      – Segment Groups
      – Ports
    • IPS Network Availability
      – L2FB configuration
      – Link down sync
      – ZPHA
    • TOS
      – Versioning
      – Updating
  • Digital Vaccine and IPS Policy
    • DV overview
    • IPS profiles overview
    • IPS profile management
    • Import/Export
    • Profile inventory
    • Policy configuration, customization
    • Finding and Editing Filters
    • Profile Distribution
  • Non-DV Filters
    • DV versus Non-DV
    • Traffic management
    • ADDoS
  • Profile Management
    • Actions Sets
    • Policy by direction
    • Profile versioning, rollback and audit
    • Profile snapshots (Distribution & user)
    • Import / Exporting Profiles
    • Management of multiple Profiles
    • LSM Profile Management
  • Maintenance and Performance
    • DV Maintenance
    • Snapshots
    • SMS Backups
    • Password resets
    • Factory and filter resets
    • Automatic optimization
    • AFCs
    • Performance protection
    • L2FB


After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:
  • Understand fundamental security concepts
  • Understand Intrusion Prevention System setup and configuration
  • Understand Security Management System setup and configuration
  • Deploy architecture and scenarios
  • Understand administrative best practices

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