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Course description

This course covers the installation and integration of an HPE Converged Infrastructure solution and incorporates the main components of today's cloud based data center infrastructure These components are: virtualized servers, massive and redundant storage, and high speed, high availability networking. In this course you perform all aspects of installation and startup tasks, including hardware configuration, operating system installation, HPE driver installation, and full management instrumentation of HPE BladeSystem servers, networking, and storage solution components. In addition, you install and configure the software solution, Matrix Operating Environment, which integrates all of the virtualized components to enable on demand fulfillment of server, storage, and networking functions.

Who should attend

The audience for this course are IT professionals who want the skills to implement and manage the converged data center as the wave of the future.


For specific prerequisites and requirements to achieve any of the related certifications, see the certification description on the Certification and Learning website.


  • Module 1: HPE Converged Infrastructure Overview
    • HP Converged Infrastructure Overview
    • IT business challenge — Aging facilities and IT sprawl
    • Opportunity for process improvement
    • The problem with legacy data centers
    • Key benefits that accelerate the business
    • The changing strategic role of the CIO
    • HP Converged Infrastructure
    • What sets HP apart?
    • Delivering real TCO improvements
    • Two ways to achieve a converged infrastructure
    • The step-by-step approach
    • Customers will evolve to CI at different speeds
    • Choose the best delivery model
  • Module 2: Life Cycle Management
    • Intelligent Provisioning – Life Cycle Management for a few systems at a time
    • Insight Management — The foundation of CI
    • Insight evolution
    • HP Insight end-to-end infrastructure management
    • iLO Management Engine
    • HP Agentless Management
    • HP Active Health System
    • HP Intelligent Provisioning
    • iLO 3 Advanced enhancements
    • iLO 4 Advanced enhancements
    • CI – Life Cycle Management, Systems Updates
    • Breakthrough system maintenance tools
    • HP System Software Maintenance
    • HP Service Pack for ProLiant
    • HP Smart Update Manager capabilities
    • Repositories
    • Target discovery and selection
    • Associated target discovery
    • Credentials management
    • Progress indication
    • Result reporting
    • Printable reporting
    • HP SUM 5.0.0 new features
    • Insight Control – Life Cycle Management for several systems at a time
    • Matrix Operating Environment – Life Cycle Management for on-demand provisioning
    • Business is outpacing IT
    • Business and IT are on different trajectories to the cloud
    • What a cloud should deliver
    • CloudSystem Matrix
    • CloudSystem provisioning process
    • CloudSystem Matrix storage support
    • Improved multiple tenancy
    • Organizations and multiple tenancy
    • Improved VLAN management
    • API and CLI support
    • Tight integration with Microsoft
    • VMware ESXi/ESX host and cluster provisioning and resource pools support
    • Running services in different cloud service modes
    • Service components go to private or public cloud based on resource availability
    • Matrix OE infrastructure portal integrated with Server Automation
    • CloudSystem Matrix extended infrastructure
    • CloudSystem offerings
    • Global Workload Manager 7.0
    • HP CloudSystem Developers Resource Center
    • Utility Ready Computing
  • Module 3: Installing Matrix OE
    • Installation requirements and prerequisites
    • Licensing managed systems for Insight Management
    • CloudSystem Matrix Setup and Installation Guide
    • Basic CloudSystem Matrix environment
    • Installation and configuration requirements
    • Setting the CloudSystem Matrix home page
      Post-installation configuration tasks
  • Module 4: HPE Systems Insight Manager
    • HP SIM features
    • HP SIM benefits
    • Key features of HP SIM 7.0
    • Automatic discovery and inventory management
    • Management with agents
    • Agentless Management
    • Alerts in G7 and Gen8 systems Health monitoring
    • Predefined (canned) reports
    • Emailing reports
    • HP SIM scalability
    • Federated CMS search
    • Setting up a federated CMS search
    • Version control — VCRM and VCA
    • HP SIM uses HP SUM to distribute firmware updates
    • Simplified credentials for Virtual Management Environment
    • HP SIM Protocols
    • Integration with HP Software
    • Discovery explained
    • Levels of WBEM/CIM standardization
    • HP and WBEM/CIM
    • Windows Management Instrumentation
    • WMI Mapper
    • HP ProLiant WBEM (WMI) Provider for Windows
    • WS-MAN
    • An introduction to MIBs
    • Strengths and weaknesses of SNMP
    • Cluster — SNMP based
    • Attributes set by identification
    • Identification
    • iLO and host events consolidated on iLO4 Events page
    • Discovery and identification of Gen8
    • Server System page
    • Server Events page
    • iLO Data Collection results
    • Server Data Collection Report through iLO Management Engine
    • Host hardware status collection using iLO
    • CRA — Remote AMS Installation
    • CRA — Remote SNMP configuration
    • HP networking products A Series support
    • HP SIM Security and best practices
    • Login security
    • Ports used
    • Security and SNMP
    • HP SIM, Insight Agents, and SNMP
    • WBEM and WMI
    • Secure Shell
    • OpenSSH
    • Secure Task Execution and Single Sign-On
    • User context
    • Target security best practices
    • Understanding HP SIM Security
    • HP SIM and third-party
  • Module 5: Insight Control for Microsoft System Center
    • HP Insight Control for Microsoft System Center
    • ProLiant Agentless Management Pack
    • Device Monitor architecture
    • New folder structure
    • Agentless Management – Alert view
    • Agentless Management – State view
    • Device Monitor Console
    • DMC example – Add agentless server
    • Manage health proactively
    • HP OSD Pack
    • OSD kit summary
    • HP Inventory Tool
    • ProLiant Server Updates Catalog
    • HP VirtualSystem
    • Consultants confirm Hyper-V readiness
    • 32,000 virtualized Exchange 2010 users on VS2
    • Key links
  • Module 6: Insight Control for VMware vCenter Server
    • Insight Control for VMware vCenter
    • Server Insight Control for VMware vCenter
    • Industry’s most comprehensive VMware vCenter integration
    • Insight Control 7.0 for VMware vCenter
    • Take care of issues before they become problems
    • Remotely control servers to reduce IT cost
    • Optimize power utilization to get the most out of your power capacity
    • Seamless management for virtual and physical environments
    • Available in two themes (dark and light)
    • Refresh of the UI — Main area
    • Host detail view
    • Infrastructure
    • Consolidated status
    • Networking details
    • Firmware inventory and deploy
    • Storage module view (expanded from portlet)
    • Architecture overview
    • Insight Control for vCenter architecture
    • System requirements
    • Extending Converged Infrastructure to applications
    • HP VirtualSystem
  • Module 7: Insight Remote Support
    • HP Insight Remote Support
    • Insight Management and Support experience
    • Warranty and contracts reporting
    • HP SIM and Insight RSA scenario
  • Module 8: HPE CloudSystem Matrix Operating Environment
    • Maintaining Matrix OE infrastructure orchestration solutions
    • Automated infrastructure design provisioning and management
    • Integration of Insight Management and infrastructure orchestration software modules
    • Configuring resources
    • Creating an infrastructure orchestration template
    • Self-service provisioning
    • Creating services
    • Configuring virtual provisioning
    • Matrix OE capacity planning
    • Power calibration
    • DRS modeling
    • Useful reports
    • CloudSystem Matrix cloud bursting
  • Module 9: Matrix Operating Environment Recovery Management
    • Introduction to HP data protection and disaster recovery products
    • HP logical server technology
    • Logical server management
    • Matrix OE 7.0 recovery management enhancements
    • Storage callout interface
    • Configuring Matrix OE recovery management
    • Networking setup
    • Protecting a Matrix OE deployed service
  • Module 10: Insight Cluster Management Utility
    • Accelerate innovation with HP
    • Hyperscale cluster lifecycle management software
    • A one-to-N interface for cloning, controlling, and monitoring clusters
    • Worldwide CMU deployments
    • Insight CMU
  • Module 11: Storage Provisioning Manager
    • Storage provisioning with SPM
    • Storage Service Provisioning Model
    • SPM Storage Service
    • Matrix OE Storage Provisioning
    • Matrix OE—Levels of storage support
    • Summary of support
    • Matrix OE Storage Provisioning
    • Storage as a Service
    • Server/Storage Administrator Interaction Model
    • Logical server storage provisioning
    • Summary


After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:
  • Understand the Matrix Operating Environment (Matrix OE) and it’s position within a Converged Infrastructure and Cloud solutions.
  • Implement of Matrix OE and integrate it as part of a larger customer solution.
  • Install and integrate the complete set of technology components of a Converged Infrastructure solution, including storage, networking, servers and management software.

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