Course ID 00071772
HP product number U8526S
Course format ILT
Typical Course length 4 days
Delivery languages English
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Course description

This course prepares you to operate and manage the new NonStop NS-series servers. You will be introduced to the new NonStop Advanced Architecture. Server configuration, operations, and communications will be compared and contrasted between the S-series and NS-series servers.

Who should attend

• System operators
• System programmers
• System analysts
• System administrators
• Users participating in NS-series server operations and administration with S-series experience


• NonStop S-series Server Administration I (U5448S) and NonStop S-series Server Administration II (U5449S)
• At least 6 months working experience on NonStop S-series server operational activities
For complete prerequisites and requirements to achieve any of the related certifications or upgrade paths, see the certification description on the Certification and Learning website.


  • Module 1 – Course Introduction
    • Intended audience
    • Prerequisites
    • Course objectives
    • Course outline
    • Class schedule
  • Module 2 – Architecture and Hardware Overview
    • Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC)
    • NonStop Advanced Architecture (NSAA) overview
    • NonStop blade element
    • Logical Synchronization Unit (LSU) enclosure
    • Processor switch enclosure
    • Modular cabinet
    • Maintenance architecture
    • Miscellaneous information
    • Lab exercise: hardware overview
  • Module 3 – Modular I/O and Storage Overview
    • Modular I/O for NonStop servers concepts
    • Introduction to the I/O Adapter Module Enclosure (IOAME)
    • Lab exercise: modular I/O overview
  • Module 4 – Fibre Channel Storage
    • Disk products
    • FCSMON
    • Disk configuration
    • Disk configuration SCF commands
    • Disk troubleshooting
    • NS-series system load
    • Tape products
    • Lab exercise: fibre channel storage configuration
  • Module 5 – Server Configuration Overview
    • Hardware enclosures and configurations
    • Communications subsystem changes
  • Module 6 – Open System Management (OSM)
    • OSM introduction
    • NS-series server component support
    • OSM low-level link
    • OSM service connection
    • OSM notification director
    • OSM event viewer
    • OSM support for the modular I/O subsystem
    • Additional Information
    • Lab exercise: OSM overview
  • Module 7 – Operational Differences
    • Operations
    • DSM/SCM and OSBuilder
  • Module 8 – Migration Overview
    • Migration path overview
    • Sample scenarios
    • Migration to ESS
    • NonStop application migration
    • Other migration issues
  • Module 9 – NS-series Tools
    • Application development tools
    • Application debugging tools
  • Module 10 – Information Resources
    • NonStop Technical Library (NTL)
    • Education course offerings
    • Web sites
  • Module 11 – Introduction to HPE Integrity NS14000 and NS1001
    • HP Integrity NonStop NS14000 server
    • HP Integrity Nonstop NS1000 server
  • Onsite-Delivery Equipment Requirements
    • Physical access to one NonStop NS-series server for discovery labs
    • Connectivity to one NonStop NS-series server with TACL logons, a working service connection, and working low-level link connectivity with logon information
    • One PC workstation per student with OutsideView, the latest NS-series OSM software including the latest low-level link version installed
    • One Instructor PC workstation with PowerPoint and OutsideView, the latest NS-series OSM software including the latest low-level link version installed
    • PC projector and suitable screen
    • Internet access for classroom


After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:
  • Understand the HPE Integrity NonStop NS-series server and advanced architecture
  • Identify the new and changed software tools used to configure and manage the NS-series server and the H06.xx release of the NonStop operating system

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